We provide you with the best targeted leads based on the newest channels available on the market. We use specific parameters based on your product offering to reach those most likely to respond. Our direct and indirect marketing tools are your most efficient method of prospecting to increase your business and achieve immediate results. We offer services that will best match your current needs with the existing offers you possess. Our aim is to provide you with exclusive, accurate and qualified prospective clients. GET STARTED TODAY !


About Us

Started back in 2005 in Timișoara, Romania as one of the first digital marketing agencies – we had more than 100 successful campaigns after the first two years of development.  Later in 2010, we continued with expansion of several industries including Forex and Binary markets. The rapid success and the many satisfied customers demanded for creating a separate brand for the financial industry. Then, Trend Leads entered the market and soon became a leader in the generation of targeted leads for Forex and Binary markets. We add value on each method of lead production by improving the already existing practices and using the most innovative ways of lead generation. We gathered many partners and clients over the years which enabled us to work with and learn from the best in the industry and to differentiate between good and bad practices. We are now able to use minimum resources for maximum results. GET STARTED TODAY !


One of the most efficient ways for lead production is a combination of multiple channels for the most accurate results. Average Conversion rate (ACR) for combination leads is almost 70% more than the ACR if you use only one method of lead generation. Also, combination leads can be customized to include other products which you offer. Some customers have added various of interests and if you sell multiple products, our Combination lead campaigns may be the perfect option for your marketing efforts.

We offer the best pricing on the market and we are the pioneers in the Forex and Binary industry that offers Combination leads. They may include:

LP Campaigns



Social Media Campaigns


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